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              2. Luoyang Sunrui Rubber & Plastic Science and Technology Co.,LTD


                Fastening System, Synthetic Sleeper and Gasholder Seal

                MORE INFO

                As a state-owned company, Luoyang Sunrui Rubber & Plastic Science and Technology Co.,LTD locates in Luoyang with 202,667m2 land and are mainly working on innovation R&D, manufacturing, marketing and consulting noise and vibration reduction (e.g. fastening system), engineering rubber (e.g. Gasholder seal) and environment-friendly productions. The factory has been certificated by ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS18001.

                Professional team

                Leading experts and large technological innovation R & D team


                Delivery System

                Perfect QC and production systems to meet customer time needs



                Customize buildings or mechanical vibration and noise reduction solution according to customer needs.


                QUICK CONTACT

                Contact: Ms TANG WEI

                Address: 40 North Binhe Road, Luoyang National New&High Tech Industry Development Zone, LUOYANG, China 471003

                E-mail: lysunrui@126.com

                Tel: 0086-379-67256659

                Fax: 0086-379-67256629